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Car Insurance for 19 Years Old
almost 2 years ago

When you are looking for car insurance for somebody who is 19 years old, things might get complicated. Even if you are in slightly better position than somebody who is 18 years old, there are still some states that will not see you as legally competent to sign a contract.


If this is the case, it means that your only chance to get car insurance for 19 years old is to share the policy with somebody who already has it. The perfect choice is somebody from your family who already has car insurance policy. Your family member can add you as an additional driver. This is maybe not what you were expecting, but it is a great option in the current circumstances. However, the age is only one factor.


How to get affordable car insurance for 19 years old

The car that is cheap to insure is what should be your goal. First reason is because the car choice will affect your policy the most. Second, because car insurance for young drivers is high right from the start. The main reason for this is because young drivers are seen as a risk. Even if you are a good driver, you will still be high risk in insurer’s eyes. That is why choosing the car is very important when it comes to car insurance for 19 years old.


If you start thinking about sports cars with a powerful engine, your car insurance will go up to the roof. This is not the car you want at this moment.


However, this is not the only element that may affect your premium price. You can always get a discount if you keep your car safe. First, it is very important to think about where you are parking your car, and especially where are you leaving it overnight. This shows that you are a careful driver that takes care of your property. Many insurers will see this as a good sign. Maybe you will get more offers from your insurance company if you start looking for your car.


Car insurers appreciate if you take extra care of your car. You can always get some security feature that will give you a discount such as anti-lock brakes, stability control, front, overhead and side -impact airbags etc.


If you are a student, the good news is that you may be able to get a student discount, especially if you have high grades. If you are not in a hurry of purchasing a car, you can hold tight until you become 21 years. Car insurance for 21 years is more affordable, so if you don’t have any problem you can wait.


If you have in your mind to buy a policy now, then compare the market and buy.

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The insurance cost increases with the engine capacity of a car. Insurance for Over 2500cc cars is quite expensive if you don't get some discount from the insurer.
The price of car insurance for sports cars are always very high. High speed, rough driving rate and recent accident history has increased the price of this policy dramatically.

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